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There was a man who made his living selling balloons at a fair. He had balloons of many different colors, including red, yellow, blue, and green. Whenever business was slow, he would release a helium-filled balloon into the wanted air. When the children saw the balloon go up, they all one. They would come up to him, buy a balloon and his sales would go up. All-day, he continued to release a balloon whenever the sales slowed down. One day, the balloon man felt someone tugging at his jacket. He turned around and a little boy asked, “If you release a black balloon, would that also fly?” Moved by the boy’s concern, the man replied gently, “Son, it is not the color of the balloon, it is what’s inside that makes it go up.”

THE s├íme principle applies to our lives: It’s what. inside that counts. And what’s inside of us that makes us go up is our attitude. William James of Harvard University said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.”


A study attributed to Harvard University found that when a person gets a job or a promotion, 85% of the time it is because of his attitude, and only 15% of the time because of intelligence and knowledge of specific facts and figures. It is surprising that almost 100% of education dollars go to teach facts and figures, which account for only 15% of success in life!

YOU CAN WIN is all about that 85% of success. Attitude is the most important word in the English language. It applies to every sphere of life, including

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